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Research areas

Scientific research in this field and its results are devoted to the study and evaluation of Lithuanian architectural and urban heritage.

Research and its results is intended to develop new and to improve current methods of assessing the durability of building finishing materials after mechanical and environmental impact assessment.

Scientific research in this field and its results are devoted to the study and evaluation of spatial planning, landscape formation, and changes in the spatial structure of residential areas.

Research and its results are intended to create new structural solutions for energy-efficient buildings, to analyse the possibilities of efficient use of the produced solar and wind energy for the building’s energy needs; to improve the methods of assessing the durability of building finishing materials after mechanical and environmental impacts.


Scientific achievements and impact

Research carried out in the Institute is significant to the science of civil engineering and experimental development. The outcomes and results of the research are used in the designing energy efficient buildings and their engineering systems, raising the professional qualifications of construction specialists, preparing normative documents in the field of construction. The research activities of the institute in these areas are aimed at strengthening the links with business and state institutions, at attracting and promoting doctoral students, at expanding cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign partners; the Institute’s research production contributes significantly to the country’s economic and energy development.


Scientific infrastructure and services


Building Physics Laboratory

Research fields: building energy and heat transfer studies, studies of renewable energy usage in buildings, feasibility studies of solar and wind energy, produced in building or in its surroundings, usage for effective building energy performances, efficiency research of energy-efficient buildings tightness and heating-ventilation systems, research of building and finishing materials (Accreditation Certificate No. LA.01.031; Notification).

Manager– Researcher, Dr Karolis Banionis


Research Centre of Architecture and Urbanism

Research fields: Lithuanian architecture, urban history studies, analysis and monitoring of urban history and territorial planning and architectural processes in the country, preparation of legislative and regulatory documents, development and expertise, publicity of accumulated research materials.

Manager– Chief Researcher, Dr Vaidas Petrulis

Centre of Territorial Planning

Research fields: landscape architecture, spatial planning and sustainable development of landscape research, preparation of methodological territorial planning documents in the areas of environment protection and environmental engineering.

Manager– Researcher, Dr Evaldas Ramanauskas

Accredited tests of thermal insulating (wool, polystyrene, multifoil) materials and products
  • Determination of thermal transmission coefficient LST EN ISO 8990
  • Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance LST EN 12664; LST EN 12667; LST EN 12939
  • Determination of thermal resistance LST EN 16012 (reflective insulation products)
  • Determination of length, width and thickness LST EN 822; LST EN 823; LST EN 12085
  • Determination of squareness LST EN 824
  • Determination of density LST EN 1602; LST EN ISO 29470
  • Determination of organic content LST EN 13820
  • Determination of long term water absorption by immersion LST EN ISO 16535
  • Determination of short term water absorption by partial immersion LST EN ISO 29767
  • Determination of tensile strength parallel to faces LST EN 1608
  • Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to faces LST EN 1607
  • Determination of compression behaviour LST EN 826
  • Determination of bending behaviour LST EN 12089
  • Determination of airflow resistance LST EN ISO 9053-1
Contact: Dr. Jurga Kumžienė Tel.  +370 37 350 799; +370 682 73357, E-mail:

Accredited tests of windows and doors

  • Determination of thermal transmittance LST EN ISO 12567-1 (by the hot-box method); LST EN ISO 8990
  • Calculation of thermal transmittance coefficient LST EN ISO 10077-1; LST EN ISO 10077-2
  • Determination of air permeability LST EN 1026; LST EN 12207
  • Determination of water tightness LST EN 1027; LST EN 12208
  • Determination of resistance to wind load LST EN 12211; LST EN 12210
  • Determination of resistance to repeated opening and closing LST EN 1191 (for Tilt and Turn windows and for side-hung single swing doorsets); LST EN 12046-1; LST EN 12046-2; LST EN 12217; LST EN 12400
  • Determination of the resistance LST EN 14609; LST EN 948; LST EN 14351-1
  • Determination of burglar resistance class (side-hung single swing door sets) LST EN 1627; LST EN 1628; LST EN 1629; LST EN 1630
  • (Windows) Determination of the resistance to static torsion and to racking LST EN 14608; LST EN 14609
  • (Doors) Determination of the resistance to vertical load, resistance to static torsion and resistance to soft and heavy body impact LST EN 947; LST EN 948; LST EN 949; LST EN 950
  • Determination of the air sound insulation coefficient LST EN ISO 10140-1; LST EN ISO 10140-2; LST EN ISO 10140-4; LST EN ISO 10140-5; LST EN ISO 717-1
Contact: Dr. Jurga Kumžienė Tel.  +370 37 350 799; +370 682 73357, E-mail:
Accredited tests of buildings (rooms and building envelopes)
  • Determination of sound insulation in accredited buildings and their parts
Contact: Dr. Kęstutis Miškinis Tel. +370 682 73357, E-mail:;
  • Accredited determination of air permeability of buildings LST EN ISO 9972
  • Accredited detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes. Infrared method LST EN 13187
Contacts: Dr. Jurga Kumžienė Tel. +370 37 350 799, +370 682 73357, E-mail:; Dr. Valdas Paukštys Tel. +370 686 26812, E-mail:
  • Air permeability of building components and elements LST EN 12114 (laboratory test method)
Contact: Dr. Jurga Kumžienė Tel. +370 37 350 799, +370 682 73357, E-mail:
Accredited tests of paints, varnishes, primers and polymer concrete floor composites
  • Determination of non-volatile-matter content LST EN ISO 3251
  • Estimation of surface-drying test LST EN ISO 9117-3
  • Determination of wet-scrub resistance and cleanability of coatings, classification of water-borne coating materials and coating systems for the decoration and protection LST EN ISO 11998; LST EN 13300
  • Determination of hiding power, determination and classification of contrast ratio of light-coloured paints at a fixed spreading rate LST EN ISO 6504-3; LST EN 13300
  • Determination of resistance to liquids. Immersion in liquids other than water LST EN ISO 2812-1 (Method A)
  • Determination of resistance to liquids. Water immersion method LST EN ISO 2812-2
  • Determination of the effect of heat LST EN ISO 3248
  • Estimation of adhesion, cross-cut test LST EN ISO 2409
  • Determination of coating (film) thickness LST EN ISO 2808
  • Measurement of coating thickness, magnetic method LST EN ISO 2178
  • Evaluation of degradation of coatings, designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance LST EN ISO 4628-1÷7
  • Pull-off test for adhesion LST EN ISO 4624
  • Determination of density LST EN ISO 2811-1
  • Determination of resistance to abrasion LST EN ISO 7784-2
Contact: Dr Milda Jucienė Tel. +370 37 351627 E-mail:;
Accredited tests of seals and adhesives
  • Determination of non-volatile-matter content LST EN ISO 3251
  • Determination of non-volatile matter content LST EN 827
  • Surface-drying test LST EN ISO 9117-3
Contact: Dr Milda Jucienė Tel. +370 37 351627 E-mail:;
Accredited tests of floor, wall and ceiling coatings
  • Determination of resistance to moisture content (LST EN 13183-1:2003/AC:2004)
Contact: Dr Milda Jucienė Tel. +370 37 351627 Email:
Accredited tests of mortar, dry and wet special mortar mixes
  • Determination of adhesive strength (LST EN 1542:2002)
Contact: Dr Milda Jucienė Tel. +370 37 351627 Email:
Non-accredited tests of materials, products, buildings and other testing
  • Determination of thickness
  • Determination of water vapour permeability
  • Determination of emissivity
  • Impact test with pendulum
  • Determination of strength of windows and doors edge joints
Contact: Giedrė Šidlauskienė Tel.  +370 37 350 799; +370 682 73357 Email:
  • Determination of dynamic tightness of impact sound suppressive materials
  • Determination of compressibility of impact sound suppressive materials
  • Determination of insulation of insulating glass units
  • Estimation of noise level
Contact: Dr Vidmantas Dikavičius Tel. +370 618 32558, +370 616 43823, Email:
ETAG 004 testing
  • Determination of water absorption
  • Determination of water tightness
  • Resistance to impact
  • Determination of water vapour permeability
  • Determination of adhesion force
  • Resistance to wind load
Contact: Dr Rosita Norvaišienė Tel.+370 603 00508 Email:
Non-accredited tests of plasters, paints, varnishes, primers, fillers, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing materials and products (cold bituminous adhesives, bituminous mastic and adhesives, waterproofing rolls sheets), roof coverings and products (bituminous shingles, corrugated and flat metal sheets, metal shingles), floor, walls and ceiling coatings (plastic walls and ceilings panelling, laminate floor coverings, parquets, wood blocks and floor boards), wood particleboards and wood fibre boards, mortars, dry and wet special mortars mixtures
Contact: Dr Milda Jucienė Tel. +370 37 351627 Email:
Energy performance of buildings
  • Certification of energy performance of buildings
  • Estimation and simulation of energy performance of buildings projects
  • Calculations and simulations of linear thermal bridges
  • Calculations and simulations of thermal properties of buildings structural elements
Contact: Dr Karolis Banionis Tel. +370 682 83532 Email:
Territorial planning services
  • General, detailed and special territorial planning of local government territories, cities, towns and villages
  • Special plans arrangement of landscape architecture
  • Planning works of re-creation organisation and landscape architecture arrangements in various levels of territorial planning
  • Planning projects of re-creation, historical, memorial and other afforestation
  • Planning of rest zones
  • Planning projects of regulative heritage protection
  • Preparation of immovable cultural heritage of special planning document preparation and (special) expertise of heritage protection
Contact: Dr Evaldas Ramanauskas Tel. +370 698 47 908 Email:
Services of Architectural History and Heritage research
Contact: Dr Vaidas Petrulis Tel: +370 610 39 426 Email:
Training courses and seminars
  • Training courses for new experts for energy performance certification of buildings
  • Qualification improvement courses for experts for energy performance certification of buildings
Contacts: Giedrė Valatkė Tel. +370 37 451 351 Email:


Scientists and researchers of the Institute help business and industry clients solve technological problems. Collaboration with clients begin with simple orders, initial tests, supplied services, which further evolves to mutual research initiatives and the development of scientific projects.

Reservation of science services or equipment could be completed using open access centre of Kaunas university of technology.



Institute of Architecture and Construction

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Technological solutions

  • Applied research of the physical and mechanical properties of building materials and other materials, results and parameters for product development and evaluation
  • Applied research of the acoustic properties of windows and parameters for product development and evaluation.
  • Applied research of thermal insulation properties of buildings in non-uniformity longitudinal thermal bridges and parameters for assessing the thermal properties of a building
  • Applied research of buildings’ air tightness properties for forecasting the estimation of building infiltration
  • Preparation of normative territorial planning documents
  • Preparation of special planning documents for the protection of the real cultural heritage and conducting (special) expertise of heritage protection
  • Historical studies of Lithuanian architectural and urban heritage (architecture of the 19th–20th centuries, sacral architecture, Lithuanian ethnic and architecture of Lithuanian ethnic communities)
  • Applied research, results of construction and composite finishing materials and parameters for product development and evaluation

Significant publications

Investigation of microbubble cavitation-induced calcein release from cells in vitro. Maciulevičius, Martynas; Tamošiūnas, Mindaugas; Jakštys, Baltramiejus; Jurkonis, Rytis; Venslauskas, Mindaugas Saulius; Šatkauskas, Saulius. Ultrasound in medicine and biology. New York, NY : Elsevier. ISSN 0301-5629. eISSN 1879-291X. 2016, vol. 42, iss. 12, p. 2990-3000.

Acoustic estimation of resonance frequency and sonodestruction of sonoVue microbubbles. Jurkonis, Rytis; Lamanauskas, Nerijus; Šatkauskas, Saulius. Archives of ccoustics. Warszawa : Polish Academy of Sciences. ISSN 0137-5075. eISSN 2300-262X. 2015, vol. 40, iss. 3, p. 293-300.

Innovative alternative solar thermal solutions for housing in conservation-area sites listed as national heritage assets. Energy and Buildings 89 (2015) 123–131.; C. Cristofari, R. Norvaisiene, J.L. Canaletti, G. Notton.

Comparison of sound insulation of windows with double glass units. Miškinis, Kęstutis; Dikavičius, Vidmantas; Bliūdžius, Raimondas; Banionis, Karolis. // Applied acoustics. Oxford: Elsevier. ISSN 0003-682X. 2015, vol. 92, p. 42-46. [Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science); Science Direct]. [IF: 1,024; AIF: 1,741; IF/AIF: 0,588; Q2; 2014 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2016)]. [Indėlis: 0,250]

Investigation of the wettability of the hydrophobic textile after mechanical treatments. Sacevičienė, Virginija; Jucienė, Milda; Bieliūnienė, Violeta; Čepauskienė, Vitalija; Urbelis, Virginijus. // Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Tallinn: Estonian Academy Publishers. ISSN 1736-6046. 2015, vol. 64, issue 1S, p. 118-12

Influence of heat transfer material on the deformability of knitted fabrics. Masteikaitė, Vitalija; Sacevičienė, Virginija; Kopbajeva, Elmira; Nurjasarova, Maira. // International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology. 2015, vol. 27, issue 2, p. 191-206.

Dringelis, Liucijus AlbertasRamanauskas, EvaldasSteponaitytė, Nijolė. Determination of the Spatial Structure of Lithuanian Cities, Towns and Villages and Its Preservation: a Scientific Study/ Kaunas University of Technology. Institute of Architecture and Construction. Kaunas: Technologija, 2015. 484 p. ISBN 9786090211960. [ 03H].

Bertašiūtė, Rasa; Karvelytė-Balbierienė, Vilma; Pakštalis, ArvydasPetrulis, VaidasRudokas, Kastytis Lithuanian Interwar Architectural Heritage: the Coherence of Materiality and Intangibles: Scientific Monograph / Kaunas University of Technology, compiler Vaidas Petrulis. Kaunas: Technologija, 2015. 222 p. ISBN 9786098071092. [ 03H].

Butkus, Tomas S.; Safronovas, Vasilijus; Petrulis, Vaidas. Urban Development of Klaipėda, 1945–1990: Collective Monograph / Vilnius Academy of Arts Institute of Urban Architecture and Design; compiler Tomas S. Butkus, Vasilijus Safronovas. Vilnius: Vario burnos, 2015. 392 p. ISBN 9786099546469. [ 03H].

November 2017 Researcher Virginija Sacevičienė of Institute of Architecture and Construction of KTU trained at the Politecnico di Milano, University of Italy, in the Department of Architecture, Building and Construction Engineering (TEXTILES HUB Laboratory on Textile Materials and Polymers at POLIMI).

The opportunity for a researcher to gain valuable experience has come about as a result of the competition announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic.


Director Raimondas Bliūdžius

Head of Projects’ Area Inga Leonavičienė

Chief Administrator Giedrė Valatkė

Head of Technology Transfer Projects Tadas Prasauskas