Military Research Laboratory Management Plan

Project no.: SV3-1091

Project description:

Military Research Laboratory was designed by Lithuanian architect Vytautas Landsbergis and engineer Anatolijus Rozenbliumas in 1935. At present, the building belongs to the Faculty of Chemistry of KTU and has been listed as a cultural heritage of Lithuania. An international team of specialists will carry out the building’s historical, polychrome, constructional and other research and will prepare the management plan that complies with modern international heritage protection principles. This is the first project funded by the Getty Institute program “Keeping it modern” in Lithuania. The dissemination of the project results will contribute to fostering the identity and international awareness of Kaunas as a city of modernism.

Project funding:

Getty foundation

Project results:

Based on the research carried out during the project, the management plan meeting international standards of heritage protection will be prepared. The results of the project will be presented to the international heritage community as part of the well-known international program “Keeping it modern” funded by the Getty Institute

Period of project implementation: 2019-06-03 - 2021-06-30

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Vaidas Petrulis

2019 - 2021

Institute of Architecture and Construction, Research Centre of Architecture and Urbanism